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             Make U up for all occasions!

Mobile Spray Tan

Individual Session (1 Spray Tan Appointment)

• Full Body £25.00 each

• Half Body £16.00 each

Spray Tan Legs - Take your tights off time!

• Legs £16.00

We are coming into summer and i know we want to take our tights off and show off our fab legs -but how can we do it when they are lilly white!

Now is the time to have a fab spray tan on your legs. Sienna x spray tan will give you beautiful tanned legs and will cover up marks and even varicose veins. Call me now!

Spray Tanning Party

Invite a minimum of 3 friends each having a full body spray tan for the special price of £20 each.

For 4 friends and more the hostess is sprayed for FREE

Bridal Packages

1-3 Persons ~ 3 Full Body Spray Tans each ~ £69.00pp (save £6)

4-7 Persons ~ 3 Full Body Spray Tans each ~ £60.00pp (save £15)

8+ Persons ~ 3 Full Body Spray Tans each ~ £45.00pp (save £30)


Your Wedding Day is the biggest and most special day of your life. Therefore, it is extremely important that you look and FEEL your best for the Big Day. That’s why I offer this professional, feel good treatment in the comfort of your own home.

We all feel much better with a bit of colour.

It doesn’t have to be a ‘2 weeks in the Caribbean’ look, just a hint of colour can lift your spirits

The Bridal Package consist of 3 Full Body Spray Tans as I believe you should have at least 2 trials prior to your big day. These should be spaced out so that you have enough time to prepare your skin in between tans. It is ideal to have one prior to your hen night and one before your make up trial.

Before and After Care

Before your tan - Follow the steps below in order to perfectly prepare for your upcoming tan.

· First make sure you shave at least 24 hours before your spray tan. If waxing, 48 hours. These periods allow your pores to close properly and stop dotting that can appear after your tan has been applied.

· Second, exfoliate to gently remove dry skin. Removing these dead skin cells for radiant new skin will make your tan last longer.

· Next, moisturise your skin the evening before you plan on tanning. This will replace moisture lost from the hair removal and exfoliation stage, as well as keeping skin super smooth. Pay particular attention to stubborn dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees and ankles.

· On the day of your tan, rinse off any products, oils, moisturisers and make-up and make sure you avoid deodorant and fragrances until your tan has been applied.
- Wear loose, dark clothing and flip-flops or loose fitting shoes. Tight clothes and underwear can leave marks and ruin your tan.
-Paint nails with clear or coloured nail polish

After Your Tan

If you’ve chosen a professional tan then surely you want it to last as long as possible!

These simple steps will ensure that you get the best results from your professional sienna X tan.

· Do not shower or bathe for the development period (at least 8 hours) after your tan.

· Pat dry after showering.

· Do not exercise or swim during the development time.

· Use a light body wash like sienna X Balance Body wash, it’s so mild and gentle that it won’t strip your colour and is kind enough to use on your face.

· A sunless tan can begin to fade over time as the skin’s natural cellsbegin to flake off and regenerate. Moisturise daily.

· On day 4 of the tan exfoliate to make sure skin flake off evenly.

***Special Offers:***

Bring a Friend
-Bring a friend along for a Full Body Spray Tan at £25 and get YOUR TAN for 20% off £20

Loyalty Scheme

-Book 5 spray tan treatments within a 12 month period and get a 6th tan ABSOLUTELY FREE on production of your loyalty card

What the Celebs and Media Say

About Sienna X...

Jessie J “I love the Radiance Body Balm”

Brooke Vincent “Amazing!”

Harry Judd “Life changing!”

Georgia May Foote “Love the tan”

Tina O’Brien “I love Sienna’s tan, it’s the only spray tan I ever use”

Roxanne Pallet “I always feel red carpet ready and confident with a Sienna X tan”

Paula Lane “The Gradual Tan is amazing – very natural with a golden glow”

Tyler James “Great products”

Sapphire Elia “I use Sienna X – it smells gorgeous”

Aliona Vilani“You guys are seriously the best! Wouldn’t have anything but you and your products”

Flavia Cacace “I love the products, they’re great”

Jessica Fox “I love Sienna X’s tan – I have very sensitive skin and Sienna X gives me a beautiful glow without any bad reaction”

Sarah Dunn“I love Sienna’s tan”

Hollie Jay Bowes “It’s amazing, and is perfect for not going over the top. I love it. The ingredients have kept me nicely moisturised all week”

Heather Watson“Fab products”

Chelsee Healey “I love my Sienna X tan”

Louise Hazel “Fabulous!”

Katarina Johnson-Thompson “Love it”

Elissa Corrigan “Absolutely love Sienna X – the best streak free, great smelling false tan ever”

Rebecca Ferdinando “Loving the tan – very natural and vibrant”

Sacha Parkinson “I love Sienna X – I use it everyday without fail. It’s the best tan in the world!”

Kirsty Leigh Porter “I’d never found a decent, easy, natural looking tan until I found the beautiful Sienna – from the smell to the luxurious colour”

Melissa Feather - Producer, How to Look Good Naked "I wanted to write and personally thank Sienna X for your amazing help and efforts in making our ladies look fabulous last week at the catwalks at Bluewater. You were brilliant and made the tanning sessions so relaxed for our ladies."

Imogen Thomas, Reality TV Star – Big Brother 7"I loved it, it's amazing! I chose a lighter colour because I wanted it to look natural and I love the results! It developed into a honey-coloured shade over eight hours and it smelt gorgeous like coconut. When using Sienna X I look like I've been on holiday for two weeks. I'll definitely be having it done again and again."

Sally, Natmags – London "The colour is fantastic! I'm so impressed! Previously I've only had spray tans that smell of fake tan a lot and also you can't go out immediately as the tan looks dirty at first. But with Sienna X it really looked natural straight away."

Bronaugh Waugh“I’ve heard fabulous things about Sienna X’s tan, and fully support your sunless tanning to protect our skin from the dangers of the Sun”